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Our NATURAL CASINGS are prepared under strict sanitary conditions and are packed in salt for an extremely long shelf life when refrigerated. Most natural casings are edible, but be sure to check before. cooking.

Natural Casings
Hog, Beef, Sheep

EL MATADOR'S Casings line: HOG, SHEEP, LAMB and BEEF casings are available in various calibers, natural color, pre-flushed, tubed net packed, whiskered free or with whiskers. They are uniform in size, shape and transparency allow them to be used in automated stuffers.

We carry several diameters of natural casing, from the small sheep casings to the larger hog and beef.

You’ll love our wide selection of sausage casings made from premium sheep, hog and beef intestine.

CASING  Presentations

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• 22/24 PreFlushed (lamb)
• 27/29 PreFlushed 90 yards (Italian sausage) HOG
• 32/34 WF Tubed -8 (Chorizo) HOG
• 38/40 EL MATADOR® (Chorizo) HOG
• 50/55 Beef middles (Moronga) Beef
Home Pack Hog Casing (El Matador Retail)

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