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El Matador 

The family tradition of El Matador products dates back to 1932 when Jesús Rico, my grandfather, opened his butcher shop in Álvaro Obregón, Michoacán. Shortly after having established business, he left my father in charge of what years later would become our livelihood and the best school for my 9 siblings and I.  El Matador butcher shop became a thriving business thanks to my father’s perseverance, a daily effort and long hours of work.  As it was the tradition butchers sold homemade sausage. My father prepared it with the highest quality meat and spices, ingredients that gained him countless satisfied customers in his home and surrounding towns.

Angelica (Jesus’s Rico Granddaughter) & Everardo Mejia graduate and obtained their bachelors in Chemistry and Biology, after graduated they got married and decided to continue their post graduate studies in the United States. 

They left their families and began a new journey as immigrants in Chicago. They decided to continue the family enterprise; the manufacturing of homemade Mexican chorizo began and a chorizo adobo with no artificial colors or flavors, with the family secret formula was created. Today El Matador has a complete line of products: our Trademark is an icon for the most popular item our Adobo, seasonings for all kinds of meats, hog and lamb sausage casings and other products. El Matador products are distributed from coast to coast in the United States and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Fiesta mexicana
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To delight our customers with the most authentic Mexican flavor highest quality products.
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Using the finest and highest quality ingredients to make our products, to offer the best products in the market.

Our Products are rich and natural fine mixture of the highest quality ingredients giving you select meats and vegetables their special flavor and color. Our Adobos and Seasonings have the authentic Flavor of the Mexican Cuisine.


NO colorants
NO preservatives

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