Savor the Essence of Mexico with EL MATADOR Seasonings – Aromatic Oregano and Signature Blends for Every Dish!

Arrachera Seasoning 14 oz.

Transform your Arrachera and Flank Steak into a masterpiece of Mexican gastronomy with our Arrachera Seasoning. Each pinch is a tribute to authenticity, perfect for grilling or enriching the flavors of soups, stews, and vegetables.

Chicken Seasoning 12 oz.

El Matador's Chicken Seasoning is your secret ingredient to the most succulent chicken fajitas and beyond. Elevate your poultry dishes with this blend, where each grain carries the soul of Mexican cuisine.

Seafood Seasoning 12 oz.

Seafood becomes a celebration with El Matador's Seafood Seasoning. Ideal for prawns, aguachiles, and more, this seasoning infuses your seafood with a zesty spark and the perfect touch of Mexican heat.

Red Fajita 12 oz.

Meet the newest star in our lineup: Red Fajita Seasoning. Designed to dazzle your taste buds, this bold mix brings a new dimension of flavor to your fajitas and grilling favorites.