Savor the Essence of Mexico with Our Five Exquisite Adobo Flavors: Guajillo, Ancho, Adobo Rub, Pasilla, and Adobada Pastor. Each blend is meticulously crafted with a perfect balance of chiles and spices, following our secret family recipe, to bring unparalleled taste to your meats and vegetables


El Matador's Adobo Rub Paste is the crown jewel of our brand, a signature blend that's propelled us to fame with its unrivaled quality.

This #1 market leader is a symphony of the finest, all-natural ingredients, meticulously combined to enhance your culinary masterpieces. Free from gluten, colorants, and preservatives, our proudly American-made rub is the chef’s choice for enriching everything from artisanal Chorizo to a spectrum of meats, broths, and vegetables. Whether barbecuing Carne Asada, seasoning wings, or deepening the flavors of traditional stews, our Adobo Rub Paste is the essence of Mexican cuisine, encapsulated.

Adobada Al Pastor
El Matador's Adobo Rub Paste is the crown jewel of our brand, a signature blend that's propelled us to fame with its unrivaled quality.

Embrace the vibrant essence of authentic Mexican cuisine with El Matador’s Adobada Al Pastor. Our blend is an artful curation of flavors that dances on the palate, a tribute to the iconic street-side taco stands of Mexico. Each jar is a festival of taste, imbued with the spirit of traditional feasts and modern culinary innovation. Our Adobada Al Pastor is not just a seasoning; it’s a passport to a culinary fiesta, perfect for enlivening your dishes with its distinctively bold, sweet, and savory notes.

El Matador's Guajillo Chile Adobo is a masterpiece of flavor, meticulously crafted from hand-selected guajillo chiles renowned for their tantalizing fruity and tangy notes, akin to berries, complemented by a subtle, warming heat.

This adobo is a celebration of authenticity, offering a burst of the most cherished taste in Mexican cuisine. Ideal for crafting rich salsas, luxurious sauces, or even your own signature chorizo, its vibrant red hue and sweet warmth will transform any dish, from a creamy seafood pasta to a robust pozole. Dive into the heart of Mexican flavor with our Guajillo Chile Adobo—where each spoonful is a journey to culinary excellence.

El Matador's Ancho Chile Adobo is a rich tapestry woven from the sun-dried poblano pepper, known as the ancho chile.

This sumptuous paste carries a depth of flavor that is both sweet and complex, infused with an earthiness reminiscent of coffee, and subtle hints of dried fruit. It’s the soulful essence of dishes like enchilada sauce, red pork tamales, red pozole, chile colorado, and as a transformative rub for carne asada. Our Ancho Chile Adobo is a culinary treasure, unlocking the secrets of traditional Mexican cuisine with every spoonful.

El Matador's Pasilla Chile Adobo is a culinary revelation, steeped in the nuanced flavors of the sophisticated Pasilla or 'Negro' Chile.

Its rich profile boasts a symphony of tastes, from the tangy zing to the earthy depth accented with luxurious chocolate undertones. Named for its raisin-like aroma, this versatile paste is the foundation of countless Mexican masterpieces, from the noble mole to the heartwarming enchilada sauce. Elevate your cooking narrative with the distinguished essence of our Pasilla Chile Adobo – a storied ingredient for the discerning palate.