El Matador's Natural Casings: Pristine Quality, Enduring Freshness

Experience the Natural Difference with El Matador Casings - Hog, Beef, Sheep

Craftsmanship meets quality in El Matador's line of natural casings, meticulously prepared and preserved in salt for unmatched shelf life.

Our selection, spanning various calibers and preparations, ensures the perfect fit for every sausage variety. With our casings’ consistent size, shape, and clarity, they’re ideal for manual or automated stuffing processes alike

Choose Your Ideal Casing

Available in a Range of Sizes for Culinary Versatility
22/24 PreFlushed (lamb)
 27/29 PreFlushed 90 yards (Italian sausage) HOG
32/34 WF Tubed -8 (Chorizo) HOG
38/40 EL MATADOR® (Chorizo) HOG
50/55 Beef middles (Moronga) Beef
Home Pack Hog Casing (El Matador Retail)