Our Heritage

Rooted in the rich soils of tradition, the legacy of El Matador began in 1932 in the bustling town of Álvaro Obregón, Michoacán, where my grandfather, Jesús Rico, inaugurated his humble butcher shop. This establishment was not only the cornerstone of our family’s future but also a beacon of quality and dedication that lit the path for generations to come.


The Evolution

Under my father’s stewardship, the butcher shop burgeoned into more than just a business; it transformed into the heart of our family and the crucible in which my nine siblings and I honed our craft. Our father’s unwavering commitment and industrious spirit turned El Matador into a local staple, famed for its homemade sausages crafted from the choicest cuts and the most aromatic spices. These delectable creations earned adulation far beyond our hometown, echoing through the valleys of Michoacán.


Modern Innovations

The baton of innovation was passed to Angelica Rico and Everardo Mejia, Jesús Rico’s granddaughter and her husband, both distinguished graduates in Chemistry and Biology. Their union was more than a marital bond—it was the fusion of science and tradition. Venturing to the United States, they carried the El Matador legacy into a new era, blending ancestral recipes with modern insights.


Our Products and Philosophy

In the heart of Chicago, they rekindled the family enterprise, pioneering a homemade Mexican chorizo that honored our roots while eschewing artificial colors and flavors. Their dedication bore fruit, and today, El Matador boasts a full spectrum of products that pay homage to our most beloved creation—our signature Adobo. Our brand has become synonymous with excellence, offering a variety of seasonings, casings for hog and lamb, and more. Our reach has expanded, touching lives from coast to coast in the United States and back to the heart of Mexico in Guadalajara.


El matador today

El Matador is more than a name—it's a promise of quality, a slice of history, and a taste of home.