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Guajillo Chile Adobo 14 oz.

Guajillo Chile Adobo 14 oz.


Our premium selected guajillo Chiles makes our Adobo is perfect and a convenient to get the Guajillo Chile flavor to prepare the base for rich salsas and sauces.  Guajillo Chiles add a complex fruity tangy (berry-like) flavor with a little burn giving the most Authentic Mexican flavor to your recipes. Guajillo Pepper is the most frecuently used pepper in the Mexican Cuisine. EL MATADOR GUAJILLO CHILE ADOBO is brimming with a mild sweet heat. Most common uses are: · Enrich sauces for meats with its rich red color and sweet mild heat. · Spice up a seafood pasta dish with a cream-based Guajillo sauce. · Prepare pozole, menudo or your own chorizo. · Excite chile con queso with Guajillo Paste served with warm, crisp tortilla chips. 

Vegan & Gluten Free.

made in USA

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